Maximize Productivity with Agilast Equipment

Agilast has engineered a complete array of integrated application gear. Our pumps, wands, and material supply components mesh together as a perfect high productivity system.

Agilast Commercial Roofing Equipment

FARR Pumps

Graco Pumps

Perfect for Asphalt Emulstion

Graco roof coating equipment is preferred by professional roofing  contractors. Graco roof coating sprayers are designed to provide the coverage, flow rate, and pressure needed for all of your roof coating applications. Graco is constant investment in new technology, has produced the most powerful hydraulic sprayer in the industry.

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Titan Pumps

Keep jobs moving with a separate elasomeric  pump

Serious applications require serious machinery.Titan  HYDRA™ sprayers are the perfect sprayer for elastomeric job where maximum power is required and dependability is critical.



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Agilast Turnkey Roofing Trailers

We custom build and outfit your roofing rig to suit your needs

Optimize your work flow with everything you need in one unit.

We can ad the pro grade equipment to build the perfect fluid appllied reinforced roofing. Pumps, Compressor,  Agilast Proprietary Chop Wands and all Hoses, Fittings and other need equipment. Every Thing Needed For spraying emulsion, chopped fiberglass and Acrylic. Work with our sales and tech people to figure out exactly what you need. Then we build it, equip it and wrap it.


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Shop in our store

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Agilast Parts and Accessories

If we don't have we will get it.

Agilast can supply your company with everything from pumps to fittings. Please check our store or call us if you don't see what you need.

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P. +1 (833) AGILAST (244-5278)


 1 (833) AGILAST (833-244-5278)