The Agilast Emulsion Bound Chopped Fiberglass Roofing System The Agilast system uses two key components: 1. Bentonite clay based asphalt emulsion. This product uniquely features the ability to build low weight thickness at a low cost per square foot. This product is cold applied and is water based, so there are no fumes during or after the application. A final, reflective, waterproof coating is applied to complete the installation. 2. Chopped fiberglass is mixed with the emulsion by using the Agilast application wand. As the emulsion is sprayed through two high flow fan jets, fiberglass roving is chopped in the chopper motor in the wand and distributed evenly in a pattern that reinforces the emulsion. This provides a monolithic, reinforced, seamless waterproof layer. The final installed roof is essentially a built up roof without the weight, production cost and smell of traditional built up roof solutions. An Agilast trained, three-man crew can install over 150 roofing squares per day of emulsion bound chopped fiberglass. Typical installation on a gravel surfaced built-up roof calls for poly fabric to be installed in a flood layer of emulsion asphalt. Conventional polyester can be used. Final surface options include bright reflective aluminized emulsion which can be applied using your Agilast rig. White elsatomeric coatings can also be applied, using a standard spray gun and pump.
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